Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lazy afternoon

Im starting today off with a little bit of Citizen Cope.

The Clarence Greenwood Recordings is probably the best album by him. A lot of his music is very melodic and has very good beats that you can easily fall asleep to. “Sons Gonna Rise”, you probably have heard on Sons of Anarchy. It fits the mood for going down the highway cruising to some unknown destination. “Sideways” and “Penitentiary” are good for just laying down and taking a nice nap when you have nothing to really do. Theyre also pretty good for ending the night just right. “Hurricane Waters” makes me want to find a nice bench on the coast and watch the horizon. “D’Artagnan’s Theme” is a song that you can put a baby asleep to. Its very mellow. Another good song on here is “Bullet and a Target”. Its one of those songs that is pretty sad if you listen to every word of it. The music is very memorable and sucks you right in. If youre feeling a little down then you probably should or should not listen to this. A good majority of this CD has a slow rhythm so you may either love it or it might make you cry. Definately a good nap time album and I highly suggest it.

Im giving it a good 4/5 with a full 5 on a lazy afternoon.

download here

My first blog

Im always up really late at night and it usually gets pretty boring. I don’t really have that much to do with my spare time so I decided to start this blog.

Most of my time consists of sleeping, eating, seeing my girlfriend, and a lot of the time, nothing at all. The only thing I do to keep myself entertained is my music.

I recently got a new iPod touch and decided to do nothing else but to fill it with apps and a shit load of songs, about 3500 songs to be exact. That’s 92 artists, 251 albums, and 9 full days worth of music.

Im starting this blog to show how often I change my mood and the music to go with it.

Right now im listening to “Hooray for Boobies” by The Bloodhound Gang. They get me in the mood to basically say “fuck you and everything you live for”. When Im feeling like a complete jackass I listen to them because theyre completely out there with their lyrics.

The album starts out with “I Hope You Die”. It makes me think about all those people that I want to punch in the face. “Three Point One Four” is about that last girlfriend you had that made you want to pull out your hair, you know who im talking about. “Mope” is the third great song on this CD that I like, “The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope” being second. It has bits and pieces of songs that you may or may have not heard and even has a guest appearance from Pac-Man. “Yummy Down On This” makes me want to kick a hole in the wall. Its good for a laugh but works for kicking someones ass. The title of the song basically says “suck my dick”. “The Ballad Of Chasey Lane” is about a pornstar from the 90’s. “The Bad Touch” is about sex. That’s it. Sex sex sex. “Take The Long Way Home” and “Right Turn Clyde” are good to wind down a night. The rest of the album pretty much sucks, but that’s just my opinion. I give it all a good 4/5.

Ive added the download here

That’s about it for now. I hope any readers that saw this liked it. Ill be back again for another review on what im listening to